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Radiate Positivity

In this book, the author has tackled intriguing concepts on how to live a positive life… Positivity is the foundation of all achievement. There is no one who has ever achieved a worthy ideal without being optimistic. It must be noted that positive thinking is just a drop in the ocean of achievement but without it, the ocean is half empty…


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The company is engaged in publishing and printing of books and other forms of literature such as brochures, calendars, business cards and posters, Author branding and Consultancy.


To be a global publishing house; through consistent delivery of excellent services for all our clients.


To offer global publishing services; creating solid partnerships through utilizing digital platforms to offer exceptional solutions for writers and corporate organizations.


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What we do


For Zambian Authors, we will register your book in your name with the Curriculum Development Center, and we will obtain an ISBN number and convert it to an EAN barcode for your book.


For international (non-Zambian) authors, we will send you the necessary contact details and information for your particular country to obtain your ISBN number.


Our editing department will carefully select a suitable editor from our pool of editing professionals to edit your type of book. All our editors are experienced.


Our design team will create the perfect cover and back page for your book. Our design team will also lay your book out to international standards


We will send you an electronic copy of your finished book. You can use it for e-books, future printing purposes, marketing or submissions to distributors.


We can print as many/or few copies of your book as you needed in the format and specifications you need. We can help you plan and host a successful Book launch.

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An advantage for Zambian authors and those in neighboring African countries is that we are very familiar with the market and the challenges that local authors face.