Do not jump into a business blindly to a point where your whole investment is completely wiped out. Be in a position of power by clearly being informed and ascertaining the viability of not only the business but the projects it undertakes by taking feasibility studies.
Feasibility studies examine potential risks to determine whether they’re worth taking. A comprehensive feasibility study can distinguish real economic opportunities from investments that could fail.
The term “feasible” describes an action or event that is likely, probably or possible to happen or achieve. A feasibility study is the total of the actions you take and the questions you ask to determine whether an idea, thought or plan is likely to succeed.
An effective study can guide you on whether you should move forward with your idea, refine it, or scrap it altogether and go back to the drawing board.
Feasibility studies are important because they force you to consider the big picture first and then think in a top-down fashion. In this way, one or two general starter questions lead to a host of additional, more detailed questions that become increasingly narrower in focus as you get closer to reaching an ultimate answer.
Feasibility studies offer you the chance to “get it right” before committing time, money and business resources to an idea that may not work in the way you originally planned, causing you to invest even more to correct flaws, remove limitations, and then simply try again.
Feasibility studies may also open your eyes to new possibilities, opportunities and solutions you might never have otherwise considered.
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