You don’t have to be a pharmacist or health practitioner to be a pharmacy owner!

That’s right. With the right training and education, you can open your own pharmacy. DNK general consultancy offers training in these different areas:
1. How to register with PACRA, ZRA, Council etc.
2. How to register with ZAMRA
3. Medicine classification
4. How to order and manage stock
5. How to staff your pharmacy
6. How to sell and market
If you have an interest in retail pharmacy business, our training will give you the skills you need to run a successful pharmacy business.
To register send your registration fee of k1000 to either Airtel line 0979961647 or MTN 0763918354 the names are Daniel Ngommbo and Daniel Kabani respectively. Once you make payments proceed to send your proof of payment to the same lines on WhatsApp. Our training are normally sold out in a matter of days if not hours so ensure you register as quick as possible.

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