THE DNK TEENS AND WINS: The ultimate teen mentorship event

Depression and suicide are highest among teens. Drug abuse is highest in teens and globally we lose over 400,000 people to drugs every year who majority of are teens. As a Pharmacist and a Consultant to a Drug Rehab center I have helped many teens for years now to break from drug and substance abuse and addiction.
Studying and passing exams is a challenge for many teens. Having taught in Zambia’s leading Universities and colleges for over nine years now I have helped many of my students master learning skills.
Sexual pressure is high in the teens, they are discovering themselves. In my practice I have dealt with teens and counseled them on issues they are faced with. From STDs, Abortions and contraception. The Media continues to feed the teens with misguided information and we counter this with the right knowledge.
Many teens struggle with self esteem and this sometimes transitions into adulthood. Turning them into adults that are not emotionally stable. Many years of dealing with teens have helped me build a skill set that can help your kid build self esteem.
How to choose a career is Cardinal as it will determine the quality of life your kid gets as an adult. I often use a domain approach of the Psychomotor, Cognitive and affective to guide kids on choosing a career.
Financial literacy is a must for every teen. Entrepreneurial skills are a must. I draw from my 9 years experience of growing three businesses to guide teens into learning how to make investments early.
The book Be Exceptional is an ultimate mentorship guide in personal development. I intended to give a copy to your teens as they come. It addresses candidly the issues you may either have no time to sit with your kids and discuss or that you may not be very comfortable addressing.
To register your teens for the limited and highly competitive 50 slots send your payments to 0979961647 and send the full names of your teens.
See you at the top. DNK

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